Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Stockholm Swinger Game!

Ladies and Gentleman, the other day I had a revelation.  Although the dating/hooking up culture lifestyle is truly a game in itself; I have decided to make said game official.   This isn't my first game I have helped create.  About a year and a half ago, one of my best friends and I had a similar, but not as rewarding, game for road trips.  

Anyways, I was inspired the other week when I found out some of the female co-eds here where I am studying in Sweden created a point system for a night (or hell, it might still be going on) depending on who you hooked up with.  I thought it was absolutely amazing when I found out (also amazing to find out I was used a little; but we all know that only excites me).  I later learned the basic rules to the points system and was tossing it around in my head whilst on a little walk.

I was thinking of what a cool idea this was and going through the various ways they had set up to earn points.  However, this also got my pondering on variations.  In their game, the points basically are based on looks and/or if the person was in a relationship, etc.  But there's more challenges than that.  I mean, think of the different obstacles you could face in a normal night on the prowl?  I've gone through several scenarios in my mind on how to making this rating system and what not, and knowing me, I'll later think of some more to add, thus making the game more extravagant.  But as for now, let's get into... 

The Stockholm Swinger (a game not suitable for children.)

Basic Points:
1 point - hook up with a less-than-attractive person.
2 points - hook up with an average looking person.
3 points - hook up with a fairly attractive person.
4 points - hook up with a hot person.
5 points - hook up with someone who is so hot, this shouldn't have been possible.

+2 points - go to second base.
+3 points - go to third base.
+5 points - if you make the sexin'.
+7 points - if some crazy sex stuff goes on (fetishes, filmed, anal, etc.)

+1 point - for any more than 3 people in one night.
+1 point - if you hooked up with best friends.
+2 points - if people you hooked up with are related.
+2 points - if you don't know their name/they don't know your name.
+3 points - if they don't speak your language.
+8 points - if you're a girl and you kiss another girl.
+10 points - if you're a guy and you kiss another guy.
(only +5 points - if you are bisexual, either gender.)
+7 points - if you hook up with someone of the opposite gender who is homosexual. (and vice versa)

Well that's all I have for now, please feel free to offer some suggestions, as I will be thinking of some on my own as well.
So go out there and get playing!